Laser Hair & Skin Center of Monroeville

Brown Spots

Laser Hair and Skin Center uses the FDA approved Candela GentleLase method to remove brown spots, melasma, and other pigmented lesions quickly and easily. The non-ablative treatment requires little recovery time and patients can continue their daily routine immediately following treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Most skin issues can be resolved in one to three treatments. Your complimentary consultation is the first step for clear and smooth skin. At the consultation we will review your medical history and skin type to determine treatment planning. During the consultation we will do a test area. If you are not suitable for a test area we will advise you to take proper steps in preparing for treatment. This may be a change in your medical history, topical products used, or allowing time for a suntan to fade.

What to expect during and post treatment

Zcaine topical anesthetic is available for treatment comfort.

Micro-crusting will most commonly develop post treatment.

Micro–crusting is a result of heating the epidermis. When treating benign pigmented lesions, the object is to heat the abnormal pigment (dark spot) and as a result the pigment is cooked and turns a darker color. This result is the micro–crusting. Healing time is typically up to 14 days post treatment.

It is advisable to keep these areas moist with an ointment and to avoid picking, scratching, or aggressively washing the area. SPF 30 is required.


Pricing is based on area size and location. These treatments are typically paid for a la carte because there may only need to be 1-3 treatments to get desired results.