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Hair Regeneration

Laser therapy is a simple, affordable light treatment that actually works to help you regrow and restore your own, natural hair. This innovating treatment is FDA-approved for the growth of hair and in one US study, 93% of patients with hair loss experienced a hair count increase following laser therapy use. The facts are in—Laser Hair Therapy is a scientifically sound, medically safe, and unquestionably effective option to stop hair loss now.

What the Laser Does

Light energy has a bio-stimulating effect on the body. Our lasers utilize a combination of visible red light and invisible infrared light. The visible red light from the laser system provides topical heat on the skin’s surface that allows skin pores to open. The infrared light penetrates into the cell structure, stimulating cell growth at the atomic level. This promotes tissue repair, accelerates blood circulation and excites cellular division.

Cold Laser vs. Hot Laser

Cold laser therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy or LLLT. A “cold” laser is a low-intensity laser light directed at a specific area of the body. The result is a completely painless method of stimulating skin cells, promoting the growth of new cells and helping to improve the elasticity of existing cells.

How Laser Therapy Affects Hair Loss/Growth

Laser hair therapy has been approved by the FDA as a technology that stimulates hair follicles to return to a normal growth cycle, while interfering with the production of DHT, the body chemical that causes hair loss.With consistent applications, laser hair therapy is an effective hair loss treatment regardless of race, gender, or age. However, it is very important that you begin treatments as soon as possible, because laser hair therapy will not restore baldness.

Clinical Studies Show Laser Therapy Works

Clinical testing on people with hair loss demonstrated the following results:

Laser Therapy Is Right For You

Laser Therapy is safe and effective—for all people with all hair types, regardless of gender, age, or race. The science behind the therapy works the same on everyone’s scalp, gently stimulating hair growth and removing debris and follicle blockage that stop your hair from naturally renewing itself the way it used to. Our hair restoration system is appropriate for most causes of hair loss. Our procedures for restoring your hair loss are innovative, effective, and safe.

Therapy Schedule

Optimum results with laser therapy are achieved through a consistent treatment schedule. It takes time for the body to respond, and convert energy into new hair. For the resolution of hair loss, one full year of treatment is recommended, according to the following guidelines:

Treatment Process

You’ll sit under the laser unit, which is shaped like large hair dryer, for approximately 60 minutes. There is no sound, odor, and the experience is painless. Many clients read or relax during their therapy. The frequency and the number of treatments vary depending on the extent of your hair loss. The extent of the treatment is determined by our staff, after reviewing your hair loss history, hair density, and scalp health.

We also have a home based treatment for hair loss called the iGrow which is available to purchase at our center.


Treatments can be purchased a la carte or in a discounted package. Products are included in a prepaid package.