Laser Hair & Skin Center of Monroeville


How do I prepare for treatment?

We will do a complimentary consultation to determine if the client is a good candidate for the treatment. If the client is a good candidate we can precede with the treatment the same day. If the client is not suitable for a test spot we will advise them to take proper steps in preparing for treatment. This may be a change in medical history, topical products used, or allowing time for a suntan to fade.

Post treatment information

Using the Regenlite, the laser technician will go over wart and surrounding area and the wart will turn a purple color. Treatments are spread out three weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the area and size of the wart. The average number of treatments is three.


The cost is determined upon initial evaluation. We have an option for clients to pay a la carte or in a package of three at a discount.