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Ecco Bella Makeup

Ecco Bella makeup is all natural, made with raw materials, and high quality ingredients. All of their products are renewable, environmentally friendly, and are made without animal ingredients or animal testing. They are also free of gluten, FD&C dyes, lead, talc, and parabens. Ecco Bella’s mission is a plant based lifestyle to sustain our health and the planet.

Scientists have discovered what keeps a flower fresh through the scorching sun, drying wind, and the greatest element of all, time. The secret is a wax that naturally coats the petal for a longer, more beautiful life.

“Ecco Bella has added these delicate flower waxes from chamomile, lavender, sage, and sunflower petals to create a whole new generation of naturally effective color cosmetics.” The flowerwax enriched colors go on smoother, more evenly, leaving a soft finish that lasts. The wax creates a moisture barrier on the skin and prevents moisture from migrating out of the skin and into the color.
Our Ecco Bella line is on Final Liquidation- All products Buy One Get One Free- while supplies last!