FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh

FarmHouse Fresh, you’ll find skincare products grown and crafted with delicious epicurean flair, that are either certified organic or use up to 99.6% natural and naturally derived ingredients — all chock full of fruits, vegetables, milk, and more from U.S. farms, including our own. They are proudly made in the U.S.A. The Farm puts as much love and care into their products as they do in cultivating what goes into them. All baskets, tabletop displays, and even tote bags are all handmade in the U.S.A. Over the last 5 years, FarmHouse Fresh has been voted by spas, hotels, and resorts as one of their Top 5 Favorite Bodycare Lines (2012 – 2016) through American Spa Magazine’s Professional’s Choice Awards, and the new Organics Collection received Day Spa Magazine’s Professionals Choice Award. This line is perfect if you are looking for an all-natural, gluten-free, vegan product line!

Whoopie! Shea Butter Cream – This Shea Butter whip is a jarful of joy! Lightly scented with scrumptious white velvet cream and moist layer cake, it is hard to resist as a start to each morning… or as a sweet farewell to each day. So deliciously scented it’s taste-tested as often as used (we do not recommend this!) Inspired by the famous comfort dessert -Whoopie Pies. The supple butter and vitamin-packed Jojoba and Soybean oils calm even the severest of dry skin. Available in 8 oz. pump bottle or 2.4 oz. tube!

Whoopie! Cream Hydrating Lip Balm – Whoopie! Cream fans- your chapped lips are in for a refreshing and hydrating treat with our NEW decadent Whoopie! Cream Lip Balm. Ridiculously rich, and scrumptiously creamy — this long-wear formula lasts and lasts with just one application. They are made with jojoba oil and Shea butter to promote healing and hydration.

One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish – This brand new Shea-Sugar cleanser/exfoliator is a refreshing makeover for your daily routine. Especially for those of us with dry, sensitive skin or rosacea. Some regular cleansers leave your face feeling tight and stripped, causing your skin to work overtime to replace lost natural oils. This voluptuous whipping micro polisher brings radiance back – reducing redness and discoloration. Scented with just a hint of natural grapefruit and citrus oils.

Crow Catcher Eye Transforming Serum – Crow’s feet are running for the hills! This potent serum took two years to create and clinically test and uses dermatologist-developed peptides and complex nutrient algae to visibly improve the entire eye area, reducing the look of wrinkle depth by up to 58% in clinical tests with female participants over 2 months. In clinical trials, Crow Catcher simply wowed. 91% of participants saw disappearing crow’s feet, lines, and wrinkles – even dark circles and puffiness. In fact, in just 7 days, 100% of participants wanted to add Crow Catcher to their regular skincare routine. Crow Catcher’s clinical tests showed an even higher reduction in visible wrinkles – up to 60.4%. Now that’s something to crow about!

Sundae Best – Chocolate Softening Mask – Silky skin is 1 scoop away! Our brand-new chocolate mask is a skin softener, wrinkle defender, and skin revitalizer- it just won’t cook! Sundae Best is a natural, blended active face mask with soothing wholesome ingredients like cocoa, coconut milk, and honey in addition to powerhouse enzymes that boost your natural defenses against wrinkles and sagging – including CoQ10, Live Carrot Fruit Cells, and Ginseng Extract. This mask leaves your face feeling tight, smooth, and radiant! Sundae Best is recommended for all skin types EXCEPT those with rosacea.

Mighty Tighty-Turmeric & Banana Tightening Mask – Feel tight, tingly, and radiant with this antioxidant-rich blend of turmeric, fresh bananas, and New York-grown echinacea extract full of active compounds that nourish the skin. The tightening and line-diminishing effect is noticeable. While this mask isn’t for sensitive skin, Mighty Tighty loves dull, aging, and uneven skin.

Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer – This intensely hydrating daily moisturizer combines the richness of botanical milk with a clinical peptide to help erase the appearance of lines as it deeply moisturizes the skin. It feels instantly firming, and within weeks our advanced peptide visibly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkle surface area by up to 45%. Rich and creamy, with a shine-free finish for normal to dry skin. Three botanical milks help calm skin; coconut milk, with its high-fat content, is moisturizing and soothing, milk thistle contains silymarin, a powerhouse antioxidant that helps with skin itching, papules, and redness, and milk vetch, a plant extract with antibacterial properties.

Timescape Micro-mazing Facial Polish – Feel super smooth, baby-soft, and glowy in just 1 use. Millions of tiny micromazing® natural plant-based fiber particles exfoliate-away the years instantly. You will be amazed in 2 minutes by your fresh new beautiful complexion

Illumination Fruit Acid Peel – Are you ready to dramatically renew your skin’s vibrance and deliver instantly smooth texture in just one use? Prepare for fruit tingles! If you’ve never used a professional acid peel before, you’re in for a mini miracle (a little sting, a lotta results). This pro-strength fruit acid peel mask is a 15% blend of acids, plus naturally occurring fruit acids from papaya, organic U.S.-grown blackberry and aronia fruits, and U.S.-grown fermented lemon and pomegranate actives that amp-up brightening for divine illumination!


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